Mykraft Owl Slider Plugin

mykraft-owl-siderMykraft Owl Slider is a simple, responsive WordPress slider plugin ideal for template homepage. It is based on OWL Carousel, touch enabled jQuery plugin. Slider works as a custom post type with featured images, excerpt as a slide description and each slide can have a link with an option to open a link in a new tab. Add new slides using Dashboard> Slider> Add New Slide link. Use Dashboard> Appearance> Customize link to open WordPress extended Customizer page option. At the bottom of the side menu click Slider Customizer tab to open slider options. You can change slider container background image, slider pagination color or background image, or you can choose to disable the pagination.


See it in action >



  • Unlimited number of slides
  • Touch enabled
  • Responsive
  • Slider container will auto size image height
  • Custom post type
  • Slider image
  • Slide link
  • Slide description
  • Auto play
  • WordPress extended Customize page with slider options
  • Set slider width in pixels (default slider width 100%)



  • First download the ZIP file
  • Log in to your website administrator panel
  • Go to Plugins page, and add new plugin
  • Upload plugin
  • Click Install Now button
  • Then click Activate Plugin button
  • Add the following line in your template where you want slider to be displayed

<?php if (function_exists('homepage_slider')) { homepage_slider();} ?>


NOTE: Using Mykraft themes doesn’t require this code line to be added manually since all Mykraft themes are slider ready.

See the slider in action









How to rearrange slides?

Use the custom post type published date to prioritize slides order


How to navigate slides?

You can move slides using mouse or by touch and by clicking on pagination links.




  • Added slider maximum width support for Customizer.



  • published version



  • Bartosz Wojciechowski, Owl Carousel developer.


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  • Akhil Reply

    Hi, This plug-in is very nice. but i got a minor issue the images height is auto re-sizing for each slide. I am using same dimension image. What to do? Please help.

    • gojakv Reply

      Hi Akhil,
      the solution is simple, you need to crop all images to same height and re-upload them.
      Second solution is to open owl.script.js file and change line 10 autoHeight : true, into autoHeight : false,
      The new code should look like this:
      jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
      slideSpeed : 300,
      paginationSpeed : 400,
      autoPlay : 3000,
      stopOnHover : true,
      navigation: false,
      paginationSpeed : 1000,
      goToFirstSpeed : 2000,
      autoHeight : false,
      autoPlay : true,

      Also you can try to insert slider between header and container on your site…
      Note: Slider will auto adjust image height in order to constrain image proportions, so if slider images are not the same dimension – slider will keep same width but it will adjust image height. If slide image height is fixed – the image can get distorted. I will make a new function in next Slider version where you can disable this auto height feature.

      All the best

  • Jeff Reply

    Works like a charm! 🙂

    • gojakv Reply

      Thanks Jeff 😀

  • Akhil Reply

    Hi gojakv,
    Its working , really nice . Thanks for the quick response.


    • Gojak Reply

      No problem, glad I could help. Cheers!

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