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Audio Post

This is an Audio post format. The only difference between  post formats in this theme is how they are displayed on front page and on category/archive page.

Post Format is a theme feature introduced with Version 3.1. A Post Format is a piece of meta information that can be used by a theme to customize its presentation of a post. The Post Formats feature provides a standardized list of formats that are available to all themes that support the feature. Themes are not required to support every format on the list. New formats cannot be introduced by themes or even plugins. The standardization of this list provides both compatibility between numerous themes and an avenue for external blogging tools to access this feature in a consistent fashion.

Post Format

In short, with a theme that supports Post Formats, a blogger can change how each post looks by choosing a Post Format from a radio-button list.

Read more about Post Formats at WordPress Codex


Embedding Audio

WordPress uses MediaElement JavaScript to display audio and video files in posts. MediaElement.js is a JavaScript library that gives you video and audio play capabilities based on the HTML5 specifications. It includes a Flash wrapper for browsers that don’t support certain codecs or that don’t support the HTML5 <audio> and <video> tags. MediaElement.js has come packaged with WordPress core since version 3.6. The MediaElement.js API page gives a good introduction to installing the library and including it in a project.


MediaElement.js provides cross-browser support for many extensions by providing Flash and Silverlight files that will bridge the browser support gap when necessary. Ideally, as many browsers as possible would be using native HTML5 playback.

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