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Post With Page Breaks

hand-numbers-01You can split the long post into different pages using <!–nextpage–> code when editing in “Text” editor mode,. Make sure to switch from “Visual” to “Text” editor mode.

insert <!–nextpage–> code to spit the text and save the changes. Your content should now be split between multiple pages, depending on how many page breaks you are using. Navigate through page chapters using pagination that will be automatically created below text area.

Read more about this topic at WordPress official pages.

Did you know you could split a single post up into different web pages by just typing <!–nextpage–> in your post? Called the Page-Link tag, place your cursor in the spot where you want a page break to appear in your post and type <!–nextpage–> (you need to use the text mode of the editor to do so). This technique can be used throughout a long post to make two or more pages out of a single post. Note: At one time there was a Next-Page quicktag button but it was deleted to reduce the clutter on the quicktag bar.

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